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Start with the news release OKW expands Unitec enclosure range from OKW Enclosures, which we summarised at the time by saying "OKW has extended the Unitec range of sloping-front enclosures with the size S series, which is available in 12 different models with dual operating faces for face-to-face applications.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Belden Shielded Systems protect against EMI from Belden CDT: "Belden has announced that its Shielded Systems are designed to deliver superior performance against EMI and RF interferences with maximum shielded effectiveness. ".

In June 2010, we covered the news from Foremost Electronics - take a look at Keypad switches ideal for telecoms applications which says: "Foremost Electronics has been appointed as the UK distributor for the Marquardt 6425 range of keypad switches for telecoms, control and alarm panels, weighing scales and more.".

Take a look also at the news release from Schroff, Subracks provide enclosures for 19in equipment, as well as EMKA expands range of gasket profiles from EMKA, and AIS panel PCs provide all-weather protection from American Industrial Systems.

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LCD controller for colour TFT applications (June 2010)

RAIO Technology has introduced a TFT LCD controller, which is said to be a low-cost solution for colour TFT applications.

Aerco introduces LED fixture for rail industry (June 2010)

The Marl 714 series is a high-brightness LED light fixture from Aerco that has been developed specifically for the rail industry and has a specially designed discrete, tamper-proof mounting.

Front-panel options for subracks and enclosures (June 2010)

Verotec is offering a choice of standard front-panel options for its KM6 subracks and its 19in (48cm) and Eurocard-based metal enclosures.

Microchip enhances touch-sensing technology (June 2010)

Microchip has built upon the initial release of its Mtouch capacitive touch-sensing technology so that it works through metal, gloves and on surfaces that contain liquids.

MXCP capacitors ideal for LCDs and flat-panel TVs (June 2010)

Tecate Industries has released the MXCP series of conductive polymer aluminium electrolyte capacitors for use in flat-panel televisions, LCDs, plasma display panels and industrial PCs and servers.

Solarmagic chipset for solar installations (June 2010)

National Semiconductor has introduced the in-panel Solarmagic chipset, which enables junction box and module manufacturers to ensure high efficiency and return on investment for solar system owners.

ERG driver boards power up to eight LED strings (May 2010)

Endicott Research Group (ERG) is offering two LED driver boards that are suitable for high-power, high-brightness LED BLUs used in LCDs in the 10.4in-24in diagonal range.

Touch screens ideal for automotive applications (May 2010)

Cypress Semiconductor has announced the qualification of its Truetouch touchscreen and LIN-capable Capsense touch-sensing controllers for automotive applications such as GPS and keyless entry.

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  • Linear introduces regulator for TFT-LCD panels
    LT3513 switching regulator
    Linear Technology has announced the LT3513, a five output monolithic switching regulator packaged in a 5mm x 7mm QFN package.
  • FPGAs take control of LCD panels

    Options appeal to designers of power-sensitive portable and handheld consumer, industrial, medical, automotive and military devices that use small- to medium-size LCDs.
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