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Start with the news release Linear introduces H-grade switching regulator from Linear Technology, which we summarised at the time by saying "Linear Technology has announced a H-grade step-down switching regulator for load dump and cold-crank conditions commonly found in automotive applications as well as 24V industrial supplies.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Fairchild offers USB-compliant switching chargers from Fairchild Semiconductor: "Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the FAN5400 series of USB-compliant, Lithium-ion switching chargers with USB On-The-Go (USB-OTG) capabilities for smart phones, tablets and digital cameras.".

In November 2010, we covered the news from ZMD - take a look at Low-voltage ICs for mobile phone and GPS backlight which says: " ZMD has introduced two new ZLED low-voltage ICs, incorporating low-noise, constant-frequency charge pump DC/DC converters that can drive up to four (ZLED7012) or six (ZLED7022) strings of LEDs.".

Take a look also at the news release from Linear Technology, DC/DC controller targets ASIC and FPGA supplies, as well as Analogue timer for small electrical appliances from Semtech, and Power-management circuits for portable electronics from Texas Instruments.

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DC/DC controller can be used with ASIC supplies (November 2010)

Applications for the LTC3829 DC/DC controller include high-current ASIC and FPGA supplies, power-distribution buses, high-power audio amplifiers and network servers.

LED drivers illuminate portable consumer devices (September 2010)

Diodes Incorporated has unveiled two nine-channel LED drivers with internal charge pumps for the backlighting of small LCD screens, keypads and LED lights in mobile phones and other portable devices.

Regulator targets next-generation handheld devices (September 2010)

Semtech has launched the SC202, a switching regulator platform offering a buck converter with an integrated inductor in a 2.5 x 3 x 1mm package for low-voltage point-of-load applications.

DC/DC controller for automotive start/top systems (September 2010)

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3859, a triple output (buck, buck, boost), low quiescent current synchronous DC/DC controller for automotive/in-vehicle applications.

Regulator for industrial and consumer electronics (September 2010)

Intersil has launched a dual-channel step-down regulator that reduces component count and optimises design flexibility in high-power density industrial, communications and consumer electronics.

Linear Technology offers LT3741 DC/DC converter (September 2010)

The LT3741 from Linear Technology is a synchronous step-down DC/DC converter that is ideal for applications ranging from battery and supercap chargers and laser drivers to high-current LED lighting.

Controller suits robotic and telecom applications (September 2010)

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3890/-1, a high-voltage dual-output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller suited for automotive, heavy equipment and industrial control applications.

Almag launches inductor range for PFC circuits (September 2010)

Almag has launched the type WKM high-frequency PFC inductor range designed for active power factor correction circuits running at up to 200kHz.

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  • Almag launches inductor range for PFC circuits

    Almag has launched the type WKM high-frequency PFC inductor range designed for active power factor correction circuits running at up to 200kHz.
  • Power inductors suit DC-DC converter applications

    Taiyo Yuden's BRL2515 and BRFL2518 power inductors are designed for DC-DC converter applications in mobile phones, smart phones, DSCs and portable music players.
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