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Start with the news release PLT10HH series suppresses electric vehicle noise from Murata Electronics, which we summarised at the time by saying "The PLT10HH series is suitable for suppressing noise from the electrical accessories used in electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and other low-fuel-consumption vehicles. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Automotive Mosfets for heavy-load applications from International Rectifier: "International Rectifier has expanded its family of automotive DirectFET2 power Mosfets that deliver good power density, dual-sided cooling and minimal parasitic inductance and resistance.".

In October 2010, we covered the news from Diodes Incorporated - take a look at Point-of-load converters include Mosfet and Diofet which says: "Diodes Incorporated has expanded its Diofet product portfolio with the introduction of two dual-channel devices that can be used as point-of-load converters in consumer and industrial applications.".

Take a look also at the news release from Schurter, DKFP chokes can be used in line filter circuits, as well as Power Mosfets for automotive applications from International Rectifier, and Power inductors suit DC-DC converter applications from Taiyo Yuden.

Latest stories...
IR launches automotive DirectFET2 power Mosfets (August 2010)

International Rectifier (IR) has introduced a range of automotive DirectFET2 power Mosfets for high-frequency switching applications including the output stage for Class D audio systems.

DC e-loads save rack space in ATE applications (August 2010)

Safety Power Group has introduced a range of air-cooled programmable DC electronic loads (e-loads) that offer a small footprint to save rack space in automatic test equipment (ATE) applications.

Almag chokes suitable for stage light dimmers (August 2010)

Almag has revised and expanded its light-dimmer choke range, with almost half of them designed around the rise-time range from 120 to 250 microseconds, critical for stage and entertainment dimmers.

IC extends battery life for remote controls (July 2010)

The EZradio wireless IC from Silicon Laboratories is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of one-way wireless links used in a range of consumer, industrial and automotive systems.

Chip inductors miniaturise DC/DC converters (June 2010)

Murata's latest series of chip inductors is designed to replace wound inductors in DC/DC converter applications such as in LCD TVs and set-top boxes.

Wire-wound power inductors for digital devices (May 2010)

The NRS6010 and NRS5012 wire-wound power inductors from Taiyo Yuden are designed for use as choke coils in DC/DC converters for slim, compact digital devices.

Transformer for high-density circuit applications (May 2010)

Teridian Semiconductor has approved Datatronic Distribution's model PT79281 V.22bis modem transformer for use with its reference designs that include a range of Teridian IC models.

Converting platform aids wind-power applications (May 2010)

Semikron has launched Skiiprack, a high-power converter/inverter platform for industrial applications, including AC/DC drives, wind power, industrial power supplies and power-conversion applications.

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Further reading
  • Medium-power capacitors have low stray inductance

    AVX has developed a medium-power capacitor series that features high-frequency operation with a low stray inductance.
  • Almag chokes feature twice the inductance

    Almag has introduced a high-performance range of common-mode chokes, featuring twice the inductance of conventional chokes.
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