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Start with the news release Faraday announces MiniIO pads in two sizes from Faraday Technology, which we summarised at the time by saying "Faraday Technology has announced the availability of its MiniIO IO pads at 55nm and 65nm. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Atmel introduces ASIC custom architecture from Atmel Corporation: "Atmel Corporation announced a custom architecture for 90nm SiliconCity ASIC development, providing up to 350K gates/mm2, offering customers gate densities in the range of a standard cell ASIC. ".

In May 2009, we covered the news from Vivante Corporation - take a look at Vivante - latest company news which says: "12 May 2009 - Vivante has announced that its silicon proven GPU IP has been selected by Chipsbank Microelectronics.".

Take a look also at the news release from austriamicrosystems, H18 CMOS process technology ready for distribution, as well as Array platform speeds SoC development from Toshiba Electronics Europe, and Cores to power femtocell basestations from MIPS Technologies.

Latest stories...
Packaging deal readies tuner for market (July 2008)

Elonics is to use Unisem's proven QFN packaging technology for its new E4000 CMOS RF tuner.

Time is of the essence in ASIC development (July 2008)

Video processing ASIC is produced with minimal development time and very short prototype turnaround time.

Security engines accelerate SoC cryptography (May 2008)

The inclusion of Elliptic's hardware and software security engines in Synochip's next generation product will offer improved cryptographic capabilities and faster response time.

SoC service speeds PLC chipset design (May 2008)

Using Toshiba's advanced process technology and IP libraries, DS2 engineers were able to quickly integrate key onboard features including ADCs, DACs and PLL functionality.

MCU development environment spreads its scope (April 2008)

CyanIDE 2 breaks the bounds of the microcontroller, extending the benefits of configurability and ease of use to the board level.

Manufacturing service cuts IC power leaks (April 2008)

The Power Trim Service provides significant leakage power reduction while maintaining chip performance and area.

Processor and analogue IP combine in baseband (March 2008)

First mobile WiMAX baseband processor optimised for handheld devices combines ultra-low power consumption, low cost and the smallest footprint.

Configurable core drives ultrawideband CMOS SoCs (March 2008)

Easily configurable processor technology plays a key role in delivering the feature rich WiMedia protocol at low power and cost.

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