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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "Ethernet interfaces", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.
Start with the news release Packet processing module enables high throughput from RadiSys Corporation, which we summarised at the time by saying "With superior density and throughput for each slot, the ATCA-7220 helps companies minimise capital expenditures by reducing the amount of equipment needed". A few weeks before, we featured the news release Programmable supplies boast top power density from Xantrex Technology: "The new Sorensen XG Series, in the classic Sorensen black design, is available in 12 models ranging in power from 6 to 600V".
In November 2007, we covered the news from Varisys concerning its VM31 XMC module - take a look at Modules boost power efficiency which says: "The VM31 combines a PA6T-1682M with up to 4Gbyte of DDR2 ECC SDRAM and quad Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in a compact PMC/XMC form factor".
Take a look also at the news release from Computer Solutions, Tools accelerate debug and programming, as well as SBC offers conduction cooling from Concurrent Technologies, and ADSL2+ test set assesses service quality from Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering.

See also:

Express platform for wireless infrastructure (September 2007)
Card is designed with four high-performance gigabit Ethernet interfaces and up to eight lanes of PCI Express verified in both target and host modes

Motherboard is made for network appliances (August 2007)
Versatile motherboard with four gigabit Ethernet interfaces targets SOHO network security applications

Dual-processor SBC improves performance (July 2007)
The PP 402/04x uses the latest mobile dual core processors from the Intel embedded roadmap, ranging from the 1.5GHz to the 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor

Mezzanine card puts dual-core PowerPC to work (July 2007)
AdvancedMC reference platform kit speeds application of Freescale Semiconductor's MPC8641D dual core PowerPC processor

Kit speeds switch to MicroTCA (June 2007)
MicroTCA platform development kit will help telecommunications equipment manufacturers migrate to a smaller and more cost effective form factor

Pentium power for 3U cPCI SBCs (June 2007)
A low-power 3U CompactPCI SBC supports the 1.4