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Start with the news release Boost converters suit low-voltage applications from Semtech, which we summarised at the time by saying "Semtech has announced a boost converter platform offering what it claims are the world's smallest step-by-step regulators for low-voltage applications.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Voltage regulators feature CL discharge function from Torex Semiconductor: "The XC6224 Series of voltage regulators from Torex is available in the ultra-small USPN-4B02 package (0.95mm x 0.75mm x 0.4mm) as well as standard SSOT-24 and SOT-25 packages. ".

In July 2010, we covered the news from Tecate Industries - take a look at Ultracapacitor modules for military applications which says: "Tecate has announced the quick-turnaround availability of custom ultracapacitor modules engineered to accelerate the development of military ground-mobile, sea, and airborne products and systems.".

Take a look also at the news release from Infineon Technologies, RF transistors for wireless communications devices, as well as Trident suits high-density defluxing applications from Aqueous Technologies , and Front-panel options for subracks and enclosures from Verotec.

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Sample kits offer SPA devices for design engineers (June 2010)

Mouser Electronics has announced that it will be exclusively stocking sample kits of the Littelfuse silicon protection array (SPA), which is designed to protect sensitive electronic components.

Switch IC suits harsh industrial environments (June 2010)

The A1230 from Allegro Microsystems Europe is a dual-channel quadrature Hall-effect bipolar switch IC for use in rotating ring-magnet-based speed and direction sensing in automotive applications.

Serdes chipsets for video and imaging applications (June 2010)

National Semiconductor has introduced its Channel Link III serialiser and deserialiser (Serdes) family that reduces interconnect size, weight and cost in industrial video and imaging applications.

Elma Electronic launches standing light guides (May 2010)

Electronic packaging products manufacturer Elma Electronic is offering standing light guides for the transportation of light from a PCB to the front of a panel.

Texas IC extends battery life in portable devices (May 2010)

Mouser Electronics is stocking the Texas Instruments TPS63020 power management IC that helps extend battery life in smartphones, portable medical equipment and DLP pico projectors.

Edxact highlights debugging tools at DAC 2010 (May 2010)

Post-layout verification specialist Edxact is to showcase the latest enhancements of its parasitics reduction and analysis tools at the European EDAVillage at DAC 2010.

TT introduces PHVP high-voltage planar resistors (May 2010)

TT Welwyn Components' PHVP precision resistors are suitable for use in power supplies for electron microscopes, x-ray equipment, geophysical probes, semiconductor processing and particle accelerators.

W20 wirewound resistors for automotive electronics (May 2010)

Welwyn Components' W20 series vitreous enamelled wirewound resistors deliver rugged, dependable power handling for automotive electronics and other equipment used in harsh or hostile environments.

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  • Help with all electrostatic discharge issues

    Electrostatic Solutions is able to help companies with a variety of electrostatic discharge- (ESD-) related training, advice and specific issues with ESD.
  • Training has a handle on electrostatic discharge

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be a cause of damage to sensitive electronic components during manufacture and handling, and can cause failures to electronic systems during operation.
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