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Start with the news release Monitoring system features Nordic transceivers from Nordic Semiconductor, which we summarised at the time by saying "Nordic Semiconductor has announced that Spantec has developed a fully comprehensive ANT+ telemedical remote monitoring system using Nordic nRF24AP2 eight-channel 2.4GHz ANT transceivers.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Valve connector simplifies manufacturing process from Molex: "Molex has expanded its range of externally threaded Brad mPm DIN valve connectors with the addition of Form C and Form Micro housings for hydraulics and pneumatics systems.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Tektronix - take a look at Tektronix offers architecture for PCI Express 3.0 which says: "Tektronix has announced an addition to what it claims is the industry's most comprehensive solution for PCI Express 3.0.".

Take a look also at the news release from Murata Electronics, PLT10HH series suppresses electric vehicle noise, as well as Multiple-colour sensor to replace spectrometers from Mazet, and Semikron releases 1,200V intelligent power module from Semikron.

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Analyser facilitates antenna station installation (November 2010)

Rohde and Schwarz has launched the R and S ZVH, a portable cable and antenna analyser that has been designed to facilitate the installation of antenna stations.

High-g acceleration sensors for car airbags (November 2010)

STMicroelectronics's range of acceleration sensors for advanced airbag systems can detect rapid deceleration of the vehicle during a crash and send instant information to the airbag control unit.

Buck regulator includes low-resistance switches (October 2010)

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3615, a high-efficiency, 4MHz synchronous buck regulator suitable for single-cell Li-ion applications, as well as 3.3V and 5V intermediate bus systems.

Low-noise amplifiers ideal for handheld devices (October 2010)

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced MAX2666/MAX2668 low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) for high-data-rate wireless protocols such as HSPA and LTE found in smartphones and tablets.

Buck regulator ideal for single-cell li-ion apps (October 2010)

The LTC3614 synchronous buck regulator operates over an input voltage range of 2.25 to 5.5V, making it ideal for single-cell li-ion applications as well as 3.3 or 5V intermediate bus systems.

Op amps for sensor interfaces in portable systems (October 2010)

Maxim has introduced the MAX9613/MAX9615 low-power precision operational amplifiers with rail-to-rail I/O for sensor interfaces in portable industrial and medical applications.

DKFP chokes can be used in line filter circuits (October 2010)

The DKFP range of current-compensated chokes offers rated currents from 300mA to 10A and may be used in line filter circuits, frequency converters, switch-mode power supplies and solar converters.

5008 inlet meets demands of medical appliances (October 2010)

The Schurter series 5008 inlet has an integrated EMI filter and is designed to meet the demands of IT, medical and consumer appliances for cost reduction and downsizing.

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