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Start with the news release PCB design suite enhances library management from Zuken, which we summarised at the time by saying "Zuken's Cadstar desktop PCB design suite V12.1 features functionality for advanced library management and signal integrity verification, ECAD MCAD integration and improved high-speed routing.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Cadence printed circuit board has new features from Cadence Design Systems: "Cadence Design Systems has released its Cadence Allegro and OrCAD printed circuit board (PCB) software with a range of new features. ".

In May 2008, we covered the news from Altium - take a look at Unified electronics design embraces MCAD which says: "The latest version of Altium's unified electronics design solution introduces over 100 new features that unify the different design processes.".

Take a look also at the news release from Silicon Navigator, Engines aid bespoke ECAD development, as well as Johnston to manage E Canadian ECAD services from Freedom CAD Services, and ECAD software unifies design flows from Altium.

Latest stories...
Upgrade for EMI analysis (October 2006)

The latest version of Icewave incorporates enhanced model building capabilities and radiation computation for EMC/EMI analysis of electronic systems.

National Semiconductor selects Altium Designer (June 2006)

National Semiconductor Corporation has selected Altium Designer, the unified electronics design software, as its global standard for Electronic Computer-Aided Design (ECAD) softwar

Harness software integrates with MCAD and PDM (May 2006)

Mentor Graphics has announced the availability of a range of integrations with its CHS tool suite and key UGS solutions in the area of MCAD and product data management applications.

Lockheed Martin locks in for the long term (March 2006)

Zuken and Lockheed Martin have signed a long term contract for printed circuit board design/ECAD (electronic computer aided design) tools.

Alliance weds electronics design and manufacturing (February 2006)

Router Solutions and Sony TiMMS have concluded crosslicensing and distribution agreements of both technology and solutions.

System CAD - the future of system-level design (January 2006)

System CAD (SCAD) is an entirely new method of managing all activities during system design and manufacturing processes, says Alex H Chernyak.

Engineering automation solutions go beyond EDA (March 2005)

CablEquity is the first in a new generation of engineering automation solutions that go beyond the capabilities of traditional EDA applications.

Software offers thermal validation for IC packages (February 2005)

Icechip is novel package-level thermal validation software for IC package designers.

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Further reading
  • Decade boxes provide accurate resistance values
    RM series of decade boxes
    Cropico is offering the RM series of decade boxes for improved resistance simulation during electrical test and design of education equipment.
  • Connector distribution marks a decade

    Harwin has named TTI as its Distributor of the Year several times during the last decade, and the two companies have developed a close working partnership.
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