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Start with the news release Ocean Blue offers USB video recorder software from Ocean Blue, which we summarised at the time by saying "Ocean Blue Software has launched its Sunrise USB video recorder software, developed to enable manufacturers to offer an affordable digital replacement for the VCR/PVR.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release VGA for wireless infrastructure transceivers from Maxim Integrated Products: "Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX2062, a fully programmable, multistate, dual-channel, analogue and digital IF/RF variable-gain amplifier suitable for automatic gain control circuits.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Diodes Incorporated - take a look at Driver controller for illumination and signage which says: "Diodes Incorporated has designed the AL8400 linear LED driver controller to tightly regulate a variation of high-brightness LED currents via an external transistor.".

Take a look also at the news release from Osram Opto Semiconductors, LED suitable for TV and LCD monitor backlighting, as well as TFT touch-panel PC for POS/kiosk applications from Avalue Technology, and GTK offers customisable 27-colour LCD module from GTK.

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LCD display modules for gauges and meters (December 2010)

Saelig has announced the availability of uLCD-32PT, a 3.2in QVGA TFT with 65K LCD TFT display with integrated touch screen and smart graphics processor for industrial control and robotics.

TFT LCD targets display instrument applications (December 2010)

Saelig has introduced SGD 24-M, a customisable, high-contrast 2.4in TFT LCD colour display with built-in touch screen, dual analogue inputs and alarm outputs to suit a range of display instruments.

Bench-top oscilloscopes ideal for students (December 2010)

Saelig has launched two bench-top oscilloscopes - PDS8102T and PDS8202T - that are suitable for design, maintenance and laboratory use.

Precision USB oscilloscope for scientific use (December 2010)

Saelig has introduced the PS4227, a two-channel 100MHz precision USB oscilloscope with a real-time sampling rate of 250MSa/s that is suitable for general, scientific and field-service use.

Bridge chip range for USB/(HID)-USB connectivity (December 2010)

Silicon Laboratories' latest-generation bridge chip range provides a small-footprint solution for USB and human interface device (HID)-USB connectivity.

Driver boards allow easy upgrade to LED lighting (December 2010)

Endicott Research has announced new package configurations that offer footprint compatibility with its existing CCFL inverter designs.

Atmel touch controller used in Sharp smartphones (December 2010)

Atmel has announced that Sharp has selected its Maxtouch mXT224 touch controller to power the SH8128U smartphone.

High-temperature data-transmission system unveiled (December 2010)

Cissoid has unveiled RHEA, a high-temperature data-transmission solution with galvanic isolation of 2.5kV and operating reliably from -55 to 225C.

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Further reading
  • Display driver sports dual mobile interfaces

    Quarter-VGA TFT LCD driver chip is first to feature both MIPI and DSI support.
  • Display driver raises mid-sized resolution

    Driver IC for mid-sized TFT displays is one of the first to support WSVGA (1024 x 600) resolution.
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