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Start with the news release Microcontrollers designed for multi-applications from NXP Semiconductors, which we summarised at the time by saying "NXP Semiconductors has launched the SmartMX2, a range of secure microcontrollers designed for applications such as e-government, banking, pay TV, mobile transactions and public transport. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Motor control demonstration kit for drive systems from MSC Vertriebs: "MSC is offering an extensively equipped RX62T motor control demonstration kit for brushless DC motors, tailored to the needs of modern drive controls. ".

In November 2010, we covered the news from MSC Vertriebs - take a look at MSC Vertriebs offers Renesas RX600 MCUs which says: "MSC Vertriebs is offering products from the RX600 series of 32-bit microcontrollers from Renesas: the RX360 group for consumer and office automation; and the RX63N/RX631 group for networked equipment.".

Take a look also at the news release from Renesas Technology, MCUs for integration in factory automation systems, as well as Congatec expands Congatec-AG COM Express range from Congatec, and LSI adds processor core and memory blocks to range from LSI Europe.

Latest stories...
Econa ARM-based processors are energy efficient (December 2009)

Cavium's energy efficient Econa CNS3XXX ARM-based SoC processors are now available from Ismosys.

Atmel releases radiation-hardened Sparc processor (July 2009)

Atmel has introduced the AT697 Revision F, a radiation-hardened Sparc processor for space applications.

Quadros supports ARM1136 and ARM1176 cores (April 2009)

Quadros Systems has announced support for ARM1136 and ARM1176 cores from ARM, adding to its extensive support for ARM processors.

V850E/Sx3Ha range on display at Embedded World (February 2009)

Gleichmann-Sunrise will present the first nine MCUs of NEC Electronics's V850E/Sx3Ha range at Embedded World 2009.

Gleichmann to distribute 16-bit microcontrollers (January 2009)

The 36 16-bit microcontrollers of the 78K0R/Fx3 series from NEC Electronics, available from Gleichmann Sunrise, were specifically designed for cost-sensitive automotive body electronics applications.

MCU core is smaller and faster than original 8051 (August 2008)

The T8051 microcontroller core is targeted at IC designers who want to make use of complete 8bit architecture functionality while substantially reducing the size of their systems.

Low-cost core suits high-volume production (July 2008)

Typical applications for an XAP5 processor core include ZigBee and Bluetooth wireless networks, energy metering, sensor networks, tagging and transactions using RFID or NFC.

Networking system boosts security (July 2008)

Alpha Micro Components' MatchPort b/g Pro meets the data security needs of applications such as medical records and government data transmissions and financial transactions.

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