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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "DAB digital radio", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Pure design win is RF success from Future Waves, which we summarised at the time by saying "Pure Digital has signed to use an RF CMOS device from Future Waves in its digital radio receivers". Earlier in the week, we featured the news release SiP receiver covers T-DMB and DAB-IP broadcasts from Frontier Silicon: "Single-chip receiver for T-DMB and DAB-IP broadcasts uses enhanced SiP techniques to integrate multistandard baseband IC with a high-performance RF tuner and ancillary passives".

In March 2007, we covered the news from RadioScape - take a look at Software defined radio expands to new platforms which says: "RadioScape is planning to extend the range of programmable semiconductor platforms that will support its proven software radio solutions".

Take a look also at the news release from RadioScape, RadioScape celebrates its first decade, as well as DAB radio module goes straight onboard from Frontier Silicon, and Multistandard receiver adds mobile client software from Frontier Silicon.

See also:

Design platform marries DAB, FM and MP3 player (September 2006)
Atlas 2 is billed as the lowest cost, ready to manufacture combined DAB, FM and fully featured MP3 player platform available today

Experienced software engineers wanted (August 2006)
Frontier Silicon has begun a recruitment drive for experienced software engineering staff at its Cambridge product design centre

Boost for mobile TV and radio (July 2006)
Enhanced standard provides boost for mobile TV and radio

DAB-IP goes on trial in Ireland (June 2006)
RTE, BT and RadioScape have teamed up to bring live digital TV signals to mobile phone users, with a technical trial of DAB-IP in the Greater Dublin and North-East areas

Office and seminars target Taiwanese SoC makers (February 2006)
Imagination Technologies has opened an office in Taipei to serve the world class Taiwanese fabless industry

Second-generation IC cuts handset TV system size (February 2006)
Kino 2 is a second-generation mobile TV device, set to bring TV to smaller phones with longer battery life and lower cost

Automotive receiver module adds digital TV (December 2005)
The Roadster T-DMB is a new mobile digital television version of the successful Roadster automotive DAB module

Frontier emerges as winner (November 2005)
Frontier Silicon has won the NMI award for Emerging Technology Company of the year 2005

Frontier and Ubicom sign for latest USB PHY (October 2005)
Innovative Semiconductors has licensed its third generation USB 2.0 OTG PHY technology to both Frontier Silicon and Ubicom

Alliance focuses on secure digital TV and DAB (August 2005)
Frontier Silicon and NDS are to collaborate on the development and marketing of secure content protection and digital rights management for mobile digital TV and DAB digital radio

DAB module adds FM and RDS capabilities (June 2005)
The Venice 3 FS2023 is an ultra-low-power triband DAB digital radio receiver module that also integrates an FM radio receiver with RDS in the same chip

T-DMB chipset released in Korea (June 2005)
Frontier Silicon has started sampling the world' s most advanced terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) chipset in Korea

Digital radio modules gain personal recorders (May 2005)
Frontier Silicon has launched a significant new capability that will bring personal-video-recorder (PVR) like capabilities to digital radio

Frontier expands investor base (February 2005)
Frontier Silicon has closed a $28 million investment round led by ACT Venture Capital

DAB digital radios gain electronic programme guide (February 2005)
Imagination Technologies will be demonstrating electronic programme guide (EPG) support for DAB digital radios at 3GSM 2005

Chipset moves Frontier into digital TV market (February 2005)
Frontier Silicon now offers a complete RF and baseband chip solution for mobile digital television

McTighe takes the chair (November 2004)
Frontier Silicon has appointed Mike McTighe (50) as nonexecutive Chairman of its Board of Directors

DAB system modules sweep the board at awards (October 2004)
All three of the winning DAB digital radio products in the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2004 are enabled by complete DAB system modules provided by Frontier Silicon

Chorus chip enables new low cost DAB radio (October 2004)
The Chorus chip is powering the latest major new innovation in DAB digital radio

Module powers new generation of DAB digital radios (September 2004)
The launch of 'The Bug' by Pure Digital in May this year raised the stakes for the capabilities of DAB digital radios

Digital broadcasting push set for Taiwan (September 2004)
Frontier Silicon has unveiled plans to support the emerging DAB digital radio and DVB-T digital terrestrial broadcasting market in Taiwan

DAB chip shipments top a million (September 2004)
Frontier Silicon has now shipped a million of its DAB digital radio SoC devices, the Chorus IC

Digital radio gains EPG functionality (September 2004)
RadioScape's unique position as the only provider of end-to-end digital radio broadcast and receiver solutions has enabled it to demonstrate the world's first complete EPG solution for digital radio

Automotive DAB module to hit the streets (July 2004)
Using the experience from designing its highly successful range of DAB modules for the kitchen radio market, RadioScape is now launching a module designed specifically for the DAB automotive market

More funds for Frontier (May 2004)
Frontier Silicon has closed an investment of several million pounds from Nokia Venture Partners

Single chip combines digital TV and DAB reception (May 2004)
Frontier Silicon has started shipping the world's first combined DVB-T and DAB system-on-chip device in volume this month

Queen's Award for DAB digital radio technology (April 2004)
Imagination Technologies has been awarded a Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2004 for its groundbreaking work in DAB digital radio technology

DAB module puts digital radio into cars (March 2004)
The Roadster is a compact new DAB digital radio module for the automotive industry

DAB digital radio solutions on show at 3GSM (February 2004)
Imagination Technologies is demonstrating its latest DAB digital radio solutions at 3GSM in Cannes this week

Digital Multimedia Broadcast goes live in Cannes (February 2004)
A hot topic at this year's 3GSM World Congress is the provision of data and video to mobile phones

DAB sales set for Christmas boom (December 2003)
Imagination Technologies is predicting another big Christmas for digital audio broadcasting in 2003, following a year in which sales of digital radios have exceeded all expectations

Strategic partnership extends to new multimedia (October 2003)
Imagination Technologies has signed a new licensing and development agreement with fabless semiconductor house Frontier Silicon

DAB tuner supports 5.1 audio trial (September 2003)
The DRX-702ES DAB digital radio tuner from Imagination's Pure Digital division will support the upcoming trial broadcast of 5.1 audio signals to be transmitted over DAB in the central London area

Digital baseband drives PCI-based DAB receiver (June 2002)
Modular Technology has developed a novel 'plug and play' DAB digital radio PCI card for use in personal computers

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