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Start with the news release Spectrum analyser with high wavelength range from Yokogawa - Test and Measurement, which we summarised at the time by saying "The AQ6370C from Yokogawa combines accuracy and resolution with ultra-high dynamic range, comprehensive interfacing and ease of use.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Bridge100 develops optical data communication from Achronix Semiconductor: "FPGA specialist Achronix Semiconductor and optical module supplier Opticomp have launched a platform for developing, characterising, and demonstrating high-speed optical data communication.".

In December 2009, we covered the news from Gao FiberOptics - take a look at GAO rolls out single-mode-to-multimode converter which says: "GAO Fiber Optics has rolled out a single-mode-to-multimode (SM-to-MM) converter operating in full-duplex mode.".

Take a look also at the news release from Neophotonics, Options added to XFP pluggable transceiver line, as well as Trend announces Fibre Identifier from Trend Communications, and Trend develops optical light sources from Trend Communications.

Latest stories...
Trend introduces visual fault locator (January 2009)

Trend has launched a simple visual fault locator, a product which will simplify the tasks of optical technicians.

Anritsu announces optical field testing modules (September 2008)

Anritsu has announced the release of two modules as part of the Network Master MT9090A series - the MU909011A Fault Locator module and MU909020A Optical Channel Analyser module.

Power meter provides low-cost OSA alternative (May 2008)

CWDM technology enables network operators to cost-effectively increase bandwidth on existing fibre networks to meet growing demand for IP-based triple play services.

Field tester adds faster fibre coverage (February 2008)

Engineered to address the growing demands for installation and troubleshooting of Fibre Channel services in metro networks.

Module masters optical dispersion measurement (December 2007)

Plug-in module is claimed as industry's most compact and integrated dispersion solution dedicated to field testing fibre optic networks.

Fibre testing system avoids disruptions (November 2007)

The CWDM OTDR solution was developed to help cable operators, dark fibre providers and telecommunications service providers characterise maintain and troubleshoot CWDM fibre networks.

Analyser masters CWDM testing (September 2007)

Optical channel analyser promises fast and reliable measurements in every environment.

Tosa serves TDM, CWDM and DWDM SFP markets (September 2007)

Bookham's new Tosa has a transmission capability of 125Mbit/s to 5.3Gbit/s over 1600 to 6000ps/nm dispersion

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