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Start with the news release Serial analysis module for automotive applications from Thurlby Thandar Instruments, which we summarised at the time by saying "Tektronix has introduced an enhanced serial analysis module - the DPO4AUTOMAX - aimed at applications in the automotive sector and available from Thurlby Thandar Instruments.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release TMPM36x microcontrollers for embedded applications from Toshiba Electronics: "Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its range of high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers with devices for embedded applications such as office equipment and industrial control.".

In February 2011, we covered the news from Molex - take a look at Low-profile interconnect has high current density which says: "Molex's new version of its Extreme Ten60Power high-current connector delivers up to 260A per linear inch, offering maximum current-to-space ratio that is suitable for space-constrained applications.".

Take a look also at the news release from Phoenix Contact, Solid-state reversing contactor saves space, as well as PoL DC/DC converters suit data communications from Murata Power Solutions, and Short-form catalogue features telecoms products from Powerstax.

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DC/DC module provides POL power management (February 2011)

Intersil has introduced a digital DC/DC power module designed to provide point-of-load (POL) power management in applications such as servers, telecommunications, networking and storage equipment.

High-intensity LEDs come in 15W and 25W variants (February 2011)

The new 15W and 25W Mega Zeni light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from Sharp are suitable for use in street and object lighting, spot lighting, downlights and recessed ceiling light fixtures.

Evaluation and prototyping kit for Kinetis MCUs (February 2011)

IAR Systems has released an IAR Kickstart kit for Freescale Semiconductor's ARM Cortex-M4-based Kinetis microcontrollers (MCUs) that are compatible with the Freescale Tower System development system.

Single-board computers based on i7 processors (February 2011)

Advantech, a manufacturer of telecom computing blades and multi-core network processor platforms, has unveiled two new products based on the latest Intel Core i7 processors.

Digital PoL regulator for ICT applications (February 2011)

Ericsson Power Modules has launched the 3E series BMR463, a second-generation, digital point-of-load (PoL) regulator for information communication and technology (ICT) applications and more.

Test system for AESA radar equipment manufacturers (February 2011)

The new R and S TS6710 test system from Rohde and Schwarz is a highly flexible, turnkey standard solution for manufacturers of AESA radar equipment.

Congatec module for demanding gaming applications (February 2011)

Congatec has launched a COM Express product line based on the AMD Embedded G-series platform that is suitable for graphics-demanding embedded computing applications.

Conga-BM67 for intense graphics applications (February 2011)

Congatec has extended its Intel processor-based COM Express product range with the Conga-BM67 module for gaming, medical, automation and digital signage applications.

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Further reading
  • Arbor CPU module operates in extreme temperatures

    Arbor has unveiled an ETX central processing unit (CPU) module targeted at embedded, digital-signage, gaming, point-of-sale, medical, kiosk, measurement and automation control applications.
  • CPU module for factory automation applications

    The PFM-LNP PC/104 CPU module from Aaeon supports the Intel Atom N450 processor and is ideal for applications in transportation, kiosk, building and factory automation.
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