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?Ceramic Capacitors?

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Start with the news release Linear introduces H-grade switching regulator from Linear Technology, which we summarised at the time by saying "Linear Technology has announced a H-grade step-down switching regulator for load dump and cold-crank conditions commonly found in automotive applications as well as 24V industrial supplies.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release High slew-rate option for power supplies from Magna-Power Electronics: "Power supply expert Magna-Power Electronics has released a high slew-rate output option to meet the demands of fast-performance DC applications such as battery charging and photovoltaic emulation.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Maxim Integrated Products - take a look at Two-channel ADC for energy-harvesting sensors which says: "The MAX11645 two-channel ADC is suited for applications ranging from energy-harvesting sensors to portable consumer electronics and point-of-load monitoring in networking and computer systems. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Texas Instruments, TPS54618 for DSP- and FPGA-based communications, as well as CMOS LDO regulators for low-power applications from Torex Semiconductor, and DC/DC uModule PoL regulator for RAID systems from Linear Technology.

Latest stories...
100V MOSFETs launched for space applications (December 2010)

IR has launched a range of hermetic radiation-hardened 100V MOSFETs in a compact, surface-mount SMD0.2 package for space applications such as satellite bus power systems and payload power supplies.

Chip filters optimise performance of mobile phones (December 2010)

Taiyo Yuden's latest lines of chip filters are designed to optimise the performance, while minimising the size, of mobile phones.

Linear regulator suits use in telecom applications (December 2010)

Linear Technology's MP-grade LT3008 20mA linear regulator features operation from -55 to 125C for a range of applications, including avionics, military, industrial, automotive, RF and telecom.

DC/DC converter for inverting power supply apps (December 2010)

Linear Technology has announced the LT3957, a DC/DC converter for boost, flyback, SEPIC and inverting power supply applications.

500mA linear regulator with wide temperature range (December 2010)

Linear Technology has widened the temperature range of its LT1763 high-voltage, 500mA linear regulator, for applications including avionics, military, industrial, automotive, RF and telecom.

DC/DC regulators for portable devices and more (December 2010)

Maxim Integrated Products has launched the MAX15050/MAX15051 low-voltage (2.9V to 5.5V) 4A synchronous DC/DC regulators for notebooks, single-cell portable devices and networking applications.

DC/DC converter suits medical and telecom sectors (November 2010)

The LT3958 from Linear Technology is a high input voltage DC/DC converter for boost, flyback, SEPIC and inverting power supply applications in the industrial, automotive, medical, and telecom sectors.

LED backlighting for feature-rich consumer devices (November 2010)

ON Semiconductor has introduced the CAT3649, a six-channel Quad-Mode LED driver for use in smartphones and other consumer handheld applications, such as digital cameras and portable media players.

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Further reading
  • Syfer ceramic capacitors have copper barrier

    Syfer Technology has developed a range of multilayer ceramic capacitor devices for the medical-electronics market, featuring a copper barrier and tin finish.
  • AVX unveils ultra-thin ceramic capacitors
    Ceramic capacitors
    AVX Corporation has released a series of ultra-thin ceramic capacitors targeted at applications where low profile is vital, such as smart cards, high-density SIM cards and memory modules.
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