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Start with the news release RMS detector can be used in rugged environments from Linear Technology, which we summarised at the time by saying "Linear Technology has launched the LTC5582, a high-dynamic-range 10GHz RMS detector designed for use on remote radio units or outdoor units deployed on cellular towers.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Reference design for femtocell product designers from Lime Microsystems: "Lime Microsystems has introduced a Quick Start Kit and an optimised reference design for its multi-band multi-standard RF transceiver IC for femtocells, the LMS6002D.".

In January 2010, we covered the news from Linear Technology Corp - take a look at Upconverting mixer supports LTE wireless broadband which says: "The LT5578 active upconverting mixer delivers high-dynamic-range performance from 400MHz to 2.7GHz, supporting all of the allocated LTE (Long-Term Evolution) wireless-broadband services. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Linear Technology Corp, Linear modulator enhances basestation transmitters, as well as Aeroflex analysers have 30MHz digital demodulator from Aeroflex, and Analog's AD9122 DAC supports high data rates from Analog Devices.

Latest stories...
Aeroflex boosts PXI 3000 platform's communications (July 2009)

Aeroflex has added new communications standards to its PXI 3000 Series modular test platform.

Keithley enhances RF vector signal analyser line (June 2009)

Keithley Instruments, a provider of advanced electrical test instruments, has upgraded its RF vector signal analyser line with capabilities that reduce signal acquisition and measurement times.

Maxim unveils dual downconverting mixers (March 2009)

Maxim has introduced the MAX19995/19995A/19997A/19999 family of high-performance, dual, downconverting mixers.

Qualcomm offers femtocell chipsets (February 2009)

Qualcomm has announced that it has added 3G femtocell chipsets to its product roadmap.

Maxim introduces dual downconversion mixer (November 2008)

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX19985A 700MHz to 1000MHz, dual downconversion mixer that integrates an LO switch, buffer, and splitter.

Picochip sells its first PC8808 femtocell software (October 2008)

Picochip has released the PC8808 TD-SCDMA femtocell software reference design, which supports HSDPA.

Drive test software runs on ultramobile PCs (August 2008)

Offers superior visualisation, processing power and usability for RF engineering teams requiring a compact lightweight solution with the flexibility of a full drive test system.

Quadrature modulator supports multiple standards (August 2008)

Direct launch RF transmitter device offers basestation equipment manufacturers improved linearity and higher output power.

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