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?Bipolar Transistors?

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Start with the news release MSC distributes YDS DC/DC converters from MSC Vertriebs, which we summarised at the time by saying "MSC is now offering the 95DW-R3 series 20W DC/DC converters from YDS, which can be used in various measurement equipment and other device requiring a precisely regulated voltage. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Driver controller for illumination and signage from Diodes Incorporated: "Diodes Incorporated has designed the AL8400 linear LED driver controller to tightly regulate a variation of high-brightness LED currents via an external transistor.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from Maxim Integrated Products - take a look at Two-channel ADC for energy-harvesting sensors which says: "The MAX11645 two-channel ADC is suited for applications ranging from energy-harvesting sensors to portable consumer electronics and point-of-load monitoring in networking and computer systems. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Rogers, HTC material for low loss in high-power circuits, as well as High-temperature data-transmission system unveiled from Cissoid, and Op amp allows data acquisition and process control from Intersil.

Latest stories...
Semikron releases 1,200V intelligent power module (November 2010)

The Miniskiip IPM (intelligent power module) from Semikron has been developed for inverter applications of up to 15kW.

Tyco introduces MHP circuit protection technology (November 2010)

Tyco Electronics has introduced Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) technology suitable for high-rate-discharge battery applications at ratings above 30VDC/30A.

Driver ICs suit arcade games and card readers (October 2010)

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched two high-voltage, high-current motor driver ICs designed to simplify stepper motor-based designs in a variety of office automation and industrial applications.

Voltage reference ideal for portable devices (October 2010)

Linear Technology has announced the LT6656, a precision SOT23 voltage reference that operates on 850nA of supply current and is ideal for portable, wireless and remote devices.

Intersil releases JFET-input operational amplifier (October 2010)

Intersil has introduced a JFET-input operational amplifier for process control analogue input/output, gas or fluid flow sensors and biometric high-impedance buffers for medical instrumentation.

Current sensor module for high-side applications (August 2010)

The IAS-A-R0001 analogue current sensor module from Isabellenhuette Heusler is an all-purpose sensor designed for high-current applications.

Oscilloscopes utilise 8HP SiGe technology (August 2010)

Tektronix has announced that its next-generation, scalable, performance oscilloscope platform will make use of IBM 8HP silicon germanium technology (SiGe) for high-speed test applications.

Linear regulator ideal for battery-powered systems (August 2010)

Linear Technology has launched the LT3032, a dual, low-noise, positive/negative low-dropout voltage linear regulator for use in portable battery-powered systems that require optimum run time.

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Further reading
  • Bipolar transistors for power management circuits

    Diodes Incorporated has introduced 20V NPN and PNP bipolar transistors in the ultra-small DFN1411-3 surface-mount package, increasing the power density and efficiency of power management circuits.
  • Bipolar transistors get more in a SOT23 package

    A range of low voltage bipolar transistors extends the power handling capability of the SOT23 package, enabling designers to shrink products by replacing larger SOT89 and SOT223 equivalent parts.
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