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Start with the news release Upconverting mixer supports LTE wireless broadband from Linear Technology Corp, which we summarised at the time by saying "The LT5578 active upconverting mixer delivers high-dynamic-range performance from 400MHz to 2.7GHz, supporting all of the allocated LTE (Long-Term Evolution) wireless-broadband services. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Linear receiver subsystem reduces board space from Linear Technology Corp: "Linear Technology has introduced the LTM9003 wideband RF-to-digital receiver subsystem.".

In October 2009, we covered the news from Picochip Designs - take a look at Picochip offers PC8219E femtocell reference design which says: "Picochip has launched the PC8219E, a class-three femtocell reference design that is claimed to bring femtocell technology to campuses, rural areas or 'metrozone' hotspots.".

Take a look also at the news release from National Semiconductor, Reference design speeds radio receiver development, as well as Linear modulator enhances basestation transmitters from Linear Technology Corp, and ADC features two high-speed channels from National Semiconductor.

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Aeroflex test mobile supports DC-HSDPA feature (July 2009)

Aeroflex has announced that its TM500 test mobile platform supports the 3GPP W-CDMA Release 8 Dual Cell HSDPA (DC-HSDPA) feature.

Anritsu sensor measures output power (April 2009)

Anritsu Company introduces the MA24104A inline high-power sensor that can conduct accurate measurements on the transmitter output power of wireless basestations.

Murata offers dielectric RF filters for telecoms (December 2008)

Two block-type dielectric RF filters for telecoms basestation applications have been added to Murata's Gigafil range.

Picochip develops Radio Environment Scanners (November 2008)

Picochip has announced three software reference designs that provide integrated 'network listen', or 'sniffer', capabilities for femtocells.

Aeroflex launches test mobile for 3G LTE (October 2008)

Aeroflex has launched the TM500 TD-LTE test mobile designed to support Time Division Duplex for 3G LTE (TD-LTE).

AMC-3C87F has high bandwidth I/O connectivity (October 2008)

Commagility has unveiled the AMC-3C87F, a single width advanced mezzanine card that provides a mix of multicore DSP and FPGA processing power and high bandwidth I/O connectivity.

Aeroflex launches LTE version of TM500 test mobile (October 2008)

Aeroflex has launched an LTE version of its TM500 multi-handset test mobile designed to enable infrastructure equipment vendors accelerate the pace of their LTE development needs.

Timing module keeps track with GPS (August 2008)

GPS-based embedded timing module is designed for integration into WiMAX, LTE and PHS basestations.

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  • LTC554x mixers satisfy needs of WiMAX basestations

    LTC554x mixers are designed to satisfy the requirements of nascent fourth-generation LTE cellular and WiMAX basestations, as well as 3G CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, UMTS and GSM/EDGE platforms.
  • Linear modulator enhances basestation transmitters

    A low frequency direct conversion quadrature modulator from Linear offers high linearity performance and low noise to enhance the dynamic range performance of basestation transmitters.
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