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Laurence Marchini

Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "Automotive telematics", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Embedded processor saves power under water from Analog Devices, which we summarised at the time by saying "A novel undersea pipeline monitoring system features multiple sensor nodes, each driven by a Blackfin processor". A few weeks before, we featured the news release IP blocks put GPS baseband on Renesas SoC from SiRF Technology: "GPS baseband IP blocks location-enable the new Renesas SuperH Family SH7775 SoC for high-performance car informatics".

In May 2007, we covered the news from Ramtron International concerning its FM33x family - take a look at Companion devices offer CPU applications support which says: "FRAM-enhanced processor companions support commonly needed system functions in processor-based systems such as meters and automotive telematics applications".

Take a look also at the news release from Analog Devices, Cardiac monitor takes Blackfin to heart, as well as Blackfin stars in embedded comparisons from Analog Devices, and Buck regulators cope with 50V inputs from Solid State Supplies.

See also:

Automotive telematics services set for boost (January 2007)
Report predicts that the European Commission's eSafety initiative will invigorate the European eCall market, despite a 12 month delay in project roll out

Processors take on automotive peripherals (November 2006)
The Blackfin ADSP-BF54x family features a balance of increased I/O and memory bandwidth, on-chip memory and integration of CAN and MOST system peripherals

Java machine hosts application distribution (November 2006)
Aonix and ProSyst Software have joined forces to provide a Java-based service platform that can be remotely managed

FRAM enhancements on show in Munich (October 2006)
Ramtron International will showcase its FRAM-enhanced processor companion, two new 512Kbit serial FRAM devices and a 1Mbit parallel FRAM at Electronica 2006

Processor raises definition of videoconferencing (October 2006)
The Cisco TelePresence meeting system uses Blackfin processors to handle high-quality, real-time high-definition video compression

Processor secures and streams video (August 2006)
An innovative wireless application uses the Blackfin processor to secure and stream video from a camera to an enabled portable device, such as a GPRS or 3G phone, or laptop

Software enhances voice recognition (May 2006)
VRE helps create more effective speech recognition systems by ensuring that such systems receive the highest quality of voice signal

Processor adds colour to infra-red imaging market (February 2006)
The ADSP-BF533 Blackfin processor plays a key role in the AXT100 thermal infra-red imaging camera from Ann Arbor Sensor Systems

Platform to drive automotive telematics (October 2005)
VIA Technologies has helped to launch the VoomPC family of compact, high performance yet affordable x86 car PC kits aimed at driving telematics mainstream

Bluetooth chip aids automotive telematics (July 2005)
CSR's BlueCore Bluetooth chip has been incorporated in Nissan's advanced telematics system, christened Carwings

Processors connect with automotive buses (July 2005)
At the core of the Blackfin Car Telematics Platform, the new Blackfin ADSP-BF534 and ADSP-BF539 processors offer connectivity to vehicle CAN and MOST bus networks

Transmit-receive switch covers a wide band (June 2005)
Hittite Microwave has released a new 10W GaAs MMIC positive control T/R switch for cellular/3G, mobile radio and automotive telematics applications from 0.2 to 2.2GHz

MIPS signs for device software optimisation (May 2005)
MIPS Technologies has named Wind River as its premier device software optimisation (DSO) solution provider

Platform brings automotive telematics together (May 2005)
Wind River Systems reckons it will transform the automotive industry with the launch of Wind River Platform for Automotive Devices

Cores answer calls for embedded DSP (May 2005)
The MIPS32 24KE family of cores is the first to integrate the MIPS DSP application-specific extension announced last year

SoC hosts automotive navigation and telematics (May 2005)
The SiRFstarIIA GPS system on chip is billed as a highly integrated and cost-effective solution for creating affordable automotive navigation and telematics systems

Web services come to embedded systems (April 2005)
A new framework enables standards-based web services for embedded systems

Number of read/write cycles are unlimited (March 2005)
A 1Mbit, 3V, nonvolatile FRAM product in a 32-pin TSOP package is Ramtron's highest-density FRAM to date and offers an unlimited number of read/write cycles

Processors embed audio, video and comms (February 2005)
Analog Devices has released four new network-enabled Blackfin processors designed for embedded audio, video and communications applications

Top-density FRAM shows up in Munich (November 2004)
Ramtron International previewed its new 1Mbit, 3V, nonvolatile FRAM at Electronica 2004 in Munich

Wireless CAN Communication to PCs via Bluetooth (November 2004)
Ixxat now offers design engineers CANblue, a small, powerful CAN module with a Bluetooth interface for connection to Bluetooth-enabled PCs

Linux technology engineered for automotive uses (October 2004)
Metrowerks Corp has developed Linux technology specifically engineered to meet automotive industry requirements

Automotive telematics module hits the streets (September 2004)
The TrakPod is a module designed for software developers, system integrators and fleet managers who require a rugged in-vehicle hardware platform to run telematics applications

Cores run Java faster than dedicated hardware (August 2004)
Hardware-based solutions for Java execution in consumer embedded applications could be a thing of the past, according to MIPS Technologies

Top-performing 32bit cores released to market (April 2004)
The highest performing 32bit synthesisable processor core family in the embedded market has been released for general availability and licensing by OEMs and semiconductor companies

Latest cores gain Linux support (March 2004)
MontaVista's Linux Consumer Electronics Edition will support the ARM1136J-S and ARM1136JF-S processor cores, developed for use in networking, consumer and automotive infotainment applications

Flash-based FPGAs tackle automotive tasks (February 2004)
Actel has added its nonvolatile, Flash-based ProASIC Plus FPGAs in extended automotive temperature range versions to its successful line of automotive solutions

Mobile processor gains Linux support (November 2003)
MontaVista is porting its Linux Consumer Electronics Edition to support the SH-Mobile platform, a multimedia application processor for advanced mobile phones

Comet programme targets automotive telematics (October 2003)
Wind River Systems has joined the Community Enabling Telematics (Comet) partnership programme, a co-operative association launched by Renesas Technology America

ARM semiconductor programme enhanced (October 2003)
With a new starter kit from ARM, semiconductor companies can get hold of the first Jazelle technology-enabled ARM core

FPGAs put 90nm process to competitive advantage (April 2003)
A new family of programmable chips aims to propel programmable logic devices further into high-volume, low-cost applications traditionally served by custom chips with fixed architectures

In-system programmable devices come to handhelds (January 2003)
Lattice Semiconductor reckons its 1.8V ispMACH 4000Z CPLD family that sets a new standard for the industry's lowest static power consumption

RTOS keeps automotive telematics on the road (January 2003)
Wind River Systems has awarded Xanavi Informatics Corp a 'cool customer design' award for the Xanavi Carwings terminal

Gasket gives long-life shielding performance (December 2002)
Soft-Shield 7000 is a new high-performance fabric-over-foam EMI shielding gasket from Chomerics

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