GPS to become a handset must-have

It’s funny how the public perception of certain technologies changes with time. Not so very long ago, the “Big Brother is watching you” syndrome was still a very real fear for many consumers. Yet now, with CCTV accepted in our cities as an antidote to security threats, the idea that somebody up there knows exactly where you are is almost becoming a security blanket.

And this is the backdrop that is enabling location-based services to permeate society to the extent that within the next year or so, GPS will become a must-have in all manner of portable electronics. Indeed, analyst Berg Insight is predicting that global shipments of GPS-enabled handsets will grow from 175 million units in 2007 at a CAGR of 26.2% to reach 560 million units in 2012.

Such rapid adoption of GPS technology will certainly enable a range of new location–based services. But will the “man in the street” ever be truly convinced that he isn’t being tracked by an undesirable agency?

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