2008 could be a very happy new year

The Electronicstalk Newsletter returns (almost) to normal this week with the highlights from the website since our last regular issue on 18th December 2007. And while the question of whether the industry will be hit by the crisis affecting global credit markets remains valid, in the intervening period there have been a number of encouraging signs.

This weeks financial results, for example, have been surprisingly good, with a number of companies in IT and telecomms markets reporting better than expected sales and profits. And leading the way is IBM, which has leaked news of a 10% increase in fourth-quarter revenues to an impressive US $28.9 billion in advance of its full report on Thursday.

So if the end equipment market is doing better than expected, what of the sharp end of the spectrum? What indicators can we use to suggest that the industry is gearing up for continued growth during 2008?

One very positive sign has come this week from the EDA Consortium, which has just revealed that the electronic design automation industry’s revenue for Q3 2007 grew 7.2% to US $1412.1 million, up from $1317.2 million in Q3 2006. This was matched by the EDA sector increasing its headcount by a slightly larger proportion (8.1%), with total headcount rising from 25,214 to 27,254.

The statistics make particularly good reading if you are working in Western Europe or Japan, with respective increases during the quarter of 13 and 14.2%.

While I am not about to suggest that we can draw conclusive evidence from a single set of statistics, the news that the design end of the market is experiencing a healthy level of growth certainly does give grounds for optimism about the coming 12 months. With any luck, 2008 could be a very happy new year.
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