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Son of RoHS - this time it’s dirty

Medical research is a wonderful thing - and I’m not just talking about finding cures for diseases. Properly conducted research can alert society to health risks in products and substances in everyday use that we take for granted. And, when the evidence is fully documented we (the intelligent apes) recognise the folly of our ways and act accordingly. Or so we would like to think (and that’s easy for me to say as a former devotee of tobacco who hasn’t consumed any product from that particular industry for the past seven years). (more…)


Belgian beer spawns games brainwave

One of the smartest forms of innovation has always been to take an existing product or concept and apply it to a different application or market. And while many may deride such novelties as unoriginal, it is worthwhile remembering that the majority of electronic systems in common use today were probably originally destined for an entirely different use. (more…)


Brain interface offers ultimate control

The human-machine interface has come a long way since those less enlightened times when we used to call it the man-machine interface. Along with many different innovations in display technology, the input side of the equation continues its slow evolution. But many of the basic concepts remain the same: the QWERTY keyboard layout remains, and the mouse (or equivalent) has the same basic function as that popularised on the original Apple computers in the 1980s. (more…)


Batteries and silicon in short supply

As any seasoned observer of the electronics industry will confirm, balancing supply and demand is akin to steering a fully laden supertanker: you turn the wheel, wait a few minutes and then realise you have gone too far one way or the other and have to compensate. (more…)

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