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Disposable electronics - a worrying trend?

Just when you thought we were all cleaning up our acts and not squandering resources, along comes a new report from US researcher NanoMarkets predicting that the market for so-called disposable electronics is about to go through the roof. And while it is worth clarifying that the lion’s share of the market, which is predicted to exceed US $26 billion by 2015, will be made up of printed electronics, largely on paper, it seems ironic that such predictions should be made in the very year that most European nations (and others) have finally got around to addressing their citizens’ throwaway culture. (more…)


Semiconductor statistics: not as black as they are painted

This week has seen the publication of the annual roundup of the global semiconductor market by Future Horizons, and while it makes rather disappointing reading on the face of it, the underlying trends are certainly encouraging. Having logged a 6% fall in sales in the first half of the year compared with the second half of 2006, the analyst predicts that the overall growth figure for the industry during 2007 will be no more than 5-6%. And that will make 2007 the third consecutive year of single-digit growth. (more…)


Electronics exhibitions line up the big guns

There is something of a war of words going on in the UK electronics exhibition scene, with the two main protagonists seemingly fighting for their lives to corner a market that (in reality) is probably big enough for both of them. (more…)

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