BGA Soldering Machine – BRS550

Basic Description

The BRS-550 is the upgraded model of BRS-410, with higher working efficiency and capability. Moreover, with fully automatic operation and high precision, it can completely avoid human operation errors. Also, it can achieve better results for the lead-free process and double-layer BGA, QFN, QFP, capacitor resistance, and other components

Second, this bga soldering machine has a larger PCB size capability, which can cover more products. Lastly, the machine can be used for a wider BGA size range, in which the maximum length can up to 80mm. More importantly, it has a 6-stage constant temperature heating mode, which improves the efficiency of chip repair.

Adopting the precise optical alignment system and chip angle adjustment system, the placement accuracy reaches 10 microns. With three independent temperature zones, it uses the PLC and closed-loop control, the temperature control accuracy is within 1℃, make sure the high standard of heating effect. This machine also achieves a highly automatic operation, which is convenient and simple.

Customization is always available, please mark down your need when contact us.

Features of BGA Soldering Machine – BRS550

1. Precision Optical Alignment System

  • HD adjustable CCD color optical alignment system with split vision, zoom in, zoom out and auto-focusing functions, equipped with aberration detection device, brightness adjustment device, and software operation, can adjust image resolution
  • Remove and pick up the chip automatically. Auto feeding system.

2. Independent Temperature Control System

  • The machine is using the PLC control system from Panasonic, with real-time temperature curve display, showing the setting curve and actual curve, and can analyze the thermometer curve.
  • Using the high precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control which is imported from the USA, with the unique heating method, ensures the weld temperature precision control within ±1 ℃.
  • An Infrared heating plate, 3 independent heating zones, each heating zone can set up the heating temp, heating time, temp rise rate; Six period of heating temperature, simulate the reflow heating mode, set up as Preheating, keeping, heating, welding, and cooling.
  • It has 4 pics independent sensors, checks the temperature accurately for the chip points, which ensure the welding yield.

3. Operation System

  • The manual & automatic modes are available.
  • The process of solder, de-solder, mount, pick, and replace the chip work automatically.

4. Operation System

  • The manual & automatic modes are available.
  • The process of solder, de-solder, mount, pick, and replace the chip work automatically.

5. Superior Safety Protection System

  • With the emergency button and automatic power-off protection device when an abnormal accident happens, double over-heating protection device.
  • Temperature curves with password protection to prevent arbitrary modification, equipped with fool-proofing function.

6. Three Independent Temperature Zone

  • Three temperature zones are independently heated, each temperature zone can be independently set heating temperature, heating time, heating slope; six heating temperature zones, simulated reflow heating mode, can be set separately (preheating, heat preservation, heating, welding, return Welding, cooling).

7. Imported Closed-loop Control System

  • The high-precision K-type thermocouple imported from the United States is used for closed-loop control, and the self-designed unique heating method adopted ensures that the welding temperature difference is ±1℃.

8. Automatic Operation

  • This machine has the functions of automatic feeding, suction, and discharge; it can automatically identify the center position of the chip during alignment

9. Customized Heating Nozzle

  • In order to ensure the accuracy of the alignment, the upper heating head and the placement head are integrated into the design;
  • The machine is equipped with a variety of BGA heating nozzles, which better meet the needs of customers for multiple chips.
  • The heating nozzles are easy to replace and support customization.

Specification of BGA Soldering Machine – BRS550

Total Power6800W
Upper Heating Power1200W
Bottom Heating Power1200W
Bottom IR Heating Power4200W£¨2400W is controlled£©
Power Supply(Single Phase) AC 110V/220V; 50Hz
Location WayOptical camera+ V-shape card slot + laser position for fast location
Temperature ControlHigh precision K sensor closed loop control,independent temperature control
Temperature Precision+/-1 degree celsius
Appliance SelectionHigh sensitive touch screen + temperature control mode +Panasonic PLC + servo motor
Max. PCB SizeL550xW480mm
Min. PCB SizeL10xW10mm( support customization )
Sensor4 units
Chip Smplification Multiple1-200X
PCB Thickness0.5-8mm
BGA Chip Size0.8mm-80mm
Chip Size0.2x0.4mm-9cm
Min. Chip Space0.15mm
Max. Mount Loading500G
Mount Precision+/-0.01mm
Optical CameraCan be removed front and back,left and right,prevent the dead angle

Dimension of BGA Soldering Machine – BRS550

Dimension (LxWxH,mm)830x670x850
Weight (Kg)90

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.