Automatic BGA Rework Station

The BGA rework station of BRS-650 is a high-end model used for larger PCB size applications and equipped with more sensors to test temperature.

With a mixture heating method of hot air and infrared rays, accelerating the heating time and maintain a uniform temperature. As applicable for the larger size of BGA and strengthen features, it can fix more chips problems.

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Feature of Automatic BGA Rework Station

1. Integrated Heads Design

  • Hot airhead and mounting head integration design, with auto soldering and desoldering functions.

2. Lead-free Hot-air & Infrared Mix Design

  • The hot air system at the upper part has fast heating, uniform temperature, and fast cooling (the temperature can drop by 50-80 degrees when cooling), which better meets the process requirements of lead-free soldering.
  • The lower heating temperature zone is heated by a mixture of infrared and hot air. Infrared rays directly work on the heating area and conduct at the same time as the hot air. This can make up for the mutual insufficiency and make the PCB heat up quickly (heating rate up to 10°C/S), while the temperature remains uniform.

3. High-precision Slider

  • PCB board adopts high accuracy slider to make sure the mount precision of BGA and PCB.

4. Unique Bottom Preheating Table

  • Unique bottom preheating platform that is made of Germany-imported excellent quality heating materials (infrared gold-plated light tube) and anti-glare thermostatic glass (temperature resistance up to 1800℃) preheating area up to 500*420mm

5. X, Y-Axis Motor Control

  • X, Y-axis adopts the automatic motor control movement method, which makes the alignment fast and convenient, and the equipment space is fully utilized. The large-area PCB rework is realized with a relatively small equipment volume.
  • The maximum clamping size can reach 510*480mm, and there is no dead corner for rework.

Specification of Automatic BGA Rework Station

Max PCB SizeL650xW610mm
PCB Thickness0.5-8mm
BGA Size1x1-80x80mm
Min.Ball Pitch0.15mm
Max Weight of BGA1000g
Placement Precision+/-0.01mm
Optical SystemOptical lens + HD industry camera ( 8 million)
PCB Locating WayOuter or location hole
Temperature ControlK-type thermocouple,close loop control
Temperature Control Accuracy+/-2 degree celsius
Lower Heating PowerHot air 1200W
Upper Heating PowerHot air 1200W
Bottom Pre-heatingIR5000W
Power Supply(Double Phase)220V; 50/60Hz

Dimension of Automatic BGA Rework Station

Dimension (LxWxH,mm)970x700x830
Weight (Kg)140

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.