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The automatic optical inspection machine (AOI) that ElectronicsTalk offers including three models, which are off-line, on-line, and desktop AOI.

Owing to the high-pixel optical camera used, these models can take high-quality and high-resolution images to detect in terms of 2D &3D.

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Basic Description

As the demonstrated AOI machine above, there are three models provided by Electronicstalk: off-line, online, and desktop. The off-line AOI uses a 5 million pixel digital high-speed industrial camera and multiple light sources optional, ensure the quality of image shooting and high resolution. Besides, the minimum inspection chip can be 0201mm with a customized PCB dimension.

The online automated optical inspection machine using a servo motor to moving PCB and driving the high-speed industrial camera, make sure the high stability and quality of image shooting. Adjustable PCB component height and PCB dimension, high flexibility based on customer specified.

With various inspection items, advanced calculation method, and fully covered SPC statistics function, making it become one of the best in-line AOI machines.

The desktop model is suitable for small-sized boards and it can still keep a high level of inspection performance with a compact design, especially integrating with the desktop pick and place machine.

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ElectronicsTalk aware of this philosophy all the time, like the over 2 decades we are still serving countless individual for their PCB assebly business, check the guide we prepared here for AOI Machine.

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